Information About Booking

Using the calendar below, you will be selecting the exact date and hall that you wish to book. Only those halls and dates available will allow you to select them. Once you submit the booking, your event will be booked. You will receive an automated receipt and date is now on our calendar.  The calendar will also only allow you to book days 365 in advance.  If you are an FOP Member, you are allowed to book earlier.  Email us at for these instructions.

All online rentals require a credit card. The credit card won’t be billed until 30 days before your rental.  Since this option is automated, it is quick and automatic.  Want to pay by check? After you book your event, you can mail us a check payable to: FOP 124, 11304 14 Mile Rd., Warren, MI 48093. You must still use a credit card to make the reservation however.

Cancellation Policy – You can cancel your rental up to 60 days before your event with no penalty. Within 60 days, you forfeit your full rental fee.

How to Book:

On the calendar below, select the date you wish to book. Then look at the hall, North, South or Full. Any hall colored in white (with black line) is already rented. Halls unavailable will be shaded in white, and won’t let you click on it. A hall that is available, will let you click on that date and space.  (Note: Click on the time at 11am works the best since our time window is 11am to midnight).

Pick your hall and click the green checkmark and follow the rest of the on screen instructions. If you choose to create a password, or log-in using Facebook, etc., you will have access to review your booking information later, including updates and canceling.

Any questions, please contact us at


For a rental on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the rates are:

  • Full Hall  $800  ($700 for F.O.P. Member)
  • Half Hall $450  ($350 for F.O.P. Member)

For a rental on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, the rates are:

  • Full Hall  $600  ($500 for F.O.P. Member)
  • Half Hall $350  ($250 for F.O.P. Member)

If the calendar does not load, CLICK HERE for a direct link.